About the company
Solo Promotions is a full service event management and marketing firm. Operating out of the continental northeast states for over 15 years, Solo Promotions has organized a wide variety of events. Solo Promotions has hosted several gatherings and has promoted parties at the below listed venues.

In addition to event management and consulting, Solo Promotions has liaised with several developing artist, DJs and product placement teams to maximize their exposure and increase marketability. As the sole booking agent for entertainment acts spanning all genres of music, Solo Promotions operates in several market spaces. By forming synergies between performers and relevant sponsors, Solo Promotions is able to capitalize on the brand awareness of sponsors while developing a buzz for the artists in an established trust circle.

Through careful planning, timed execution and professional relationship management, Solo Promotions can build a niche within a desired market space for its clients.

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Get featured on our next compilation project.  Submit your work to our DropBox or request a track and we'll provide you with original material.


This is a collection of short films inspired by the music and the musicians.  Each film features new artists on screen or includes new tracks produced by the artist exclusively for the film project. 


Below are just a few shorts scheduled for release.


The Love Letter
Everyone dreams of getting that secret love letter from the crush that has been keeping them at bay.  As much as you want to admit you share the same feelings there is an underlying fear that the person won’t admit it.  Here is a tale of such an office admiration and its time to be shared


Elevated Thoughts
The Average New Yorker takes over two thousand elevator rides a year.  That’s approximately a day and a half a year in a box with complete strangers.  In this film we’ll take a look at just a few of those minutes.


Off The Wall
Imagine being in a room, witness to a crime and/or other happenings. You want to scream out for help, but you are not able to.  You want to make your move, but you fear being seen.  What can you do? Where can you go? What do you think? This film explores such a mind in the midst of fear.


Box Life
This film will give you a look into the life of a man living on the street. Or will it?


Copy Machine POV
Things people do on a copy machine, from the point of view of the copy machine.


The Stairwell
A random Joe returns home after a long day’s work.  When he arrives to his penthouse apartment he finds out the elevator is out of service.  Since waiting is not an option, he decides to take the stairs.  As he begins his journey, he learns of the subculture that has made his building’s stairwell their safe haven.



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